Baptist Leader Bizarrely Claims Anti-Semitism is a “Repudiation of Christianity” December 31, 2019

Baptist Leader Bizarrely Claims Anti-Semitism is a “Repudiation of Christianity”

Anti-Semitism is objectively bad.

Christians standing up for the Jewish people and calling out hatred is objectively good.

Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, rightly called out that bigotry… yet still found a way to screw it up.

The anti-Semitic attacks in New York should alarm all of us. Again, anti-Semitism is a repudiation of Christianity as well as of Judaism. Christians should be the first ones standing up to protect Jewish Americans.

How that for a lesson in Persecution 101?

Christianity and Judaism may share historical roots, but they have evolved into two separate faiths. Even if one believes that Christianity is the “fulfillment” of Judaism, history shows that they have gone in opposite directions. More to the point, Christianity became a majority religion around the world. Judaism is a minority faith, made even smaller after the Holocaust. Indeed, Jews have been the victims of persecution and genocide committed by Christians for centuries.

Moore ignored all of that history in his effort to make Christians look like victims when condemning anti-Semitism. He found a way to #AllLivesMatter discrimination against Jews. Saying that anti-Semitism hurts Christians as well as Jews isn’t just wrong on a historic level, it’s downright appalling to paint Christians with the same brush.

Both Jewish and Christian Twitter called him out for it:

Moral of the story: When calling attention to the mistreatment of a minority group, don’t make it all about you. It’s not that complicated.

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