An Alabama Woman’s House Burned Down, But Don’t Worry, Her Bible is Okay December 30, 2019

An Alabama Woman’s House Burned Down, But Don’t Worry, Her Bible is Okay

A house burned down in Alabama… but we’re supposed to see it as a wonderful sign from God because a Bible survived the wreckage.

As the story goes, the owner’s daughter, Ashlee Pham, said that her brother heard a loud noise and alerted everyone about the “knock on the door.” They and their pets got out without injury, thank goodness. The house itself wasn’t so lucky. The whole place is gone. Firefighters later blamed a “faulty wire” in the attic.

But don’t worry, because the leather-bound Bible survived the tragedy!

Nothing in the house was salvageable after the devastating fire, except for her bible, the woman’s daughter Ashlee Pham told ABC 33/40 on Sunday.

She added, “that knock was God knocking on the door to let them know because if they would have ignored it they would have been trapped inside.”

Just to state the obvious, if the knock hadn’t occurred, it’s possible the smell of smoke or an alarm would have done the trick. If you want to give God credit for the knock, then God has to get credit for setting the house on fire. (Would the Bible still have been a “miracle” if anyone in the house died?)

As for the Bible, it’s possible it was bulky enough to only get charred on the outside, or maybe the heavy protective covers shielded the pages, or maybe it wasn’t directly in the path of the flames. How did other books with similar size and covers do in the fire? We’re not told. Whatever the reason, if God wanted to send a message, then burning down the house wasn’t a positive one.

Seriously, given the option, I’m fine with God burning the Bible but saving my house. I can always pick up another Bible without having to set up a GoFundMe page.

I’ve said this before, but these stories always bring to mind the infamous rhetorical question: “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

(Screenshot via WBMA. Portions of this article were published earlier. Thanks to Isaac for the link)

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