Pat Robertson, Who Prayed to Move a Hurricane, Says You Can’t Pray for Weather December 18, 2019

Pat Robertson, Who Prayed to Move a Hurricane, Says You Can’t Pray for Weather

This is Pat Robertson in 2018, as Hurricane Florence was about to hit Virginia, praying for God to create a “shield of protection” around his property.

“I don’t want that thing to come in,” Robertson said. “I don’t want it to hurt Regent, I don’t wait it to hurt CBN, I don’t want it to tear up the beautiful campus, I don’t want it to tear these trees down, I don’t want to see any damage, I don’t want a bunch of glass flowing, and I don’t want [damage] all over this area that is counting on us to pray for them.”

Robertson then commanded Florence, in the name of Jesus, to change its path away from land and to spin off into the Atlantic ocean.

“We declare in the name of the Lord that you shall go no farther, you shall do no damage in this area,” he said. “We declare a shield of protection all over Tidewater and we declare a shield of protection over those innocent people in the path of this hurricane. In Jesus’ holy name, be out to sea!”

He said days later that his prayers worked and that others should follow his lead.

And here’s Pat Robertson today, declaring that God has nothing to do with the weather.

… the hurricanes and the wind, they’re natural, and they actually are good because they release heat on our planet. They bring cooling, they bring rain, and rain is beneficial…

[God doesn’t cause it, but he does use it?]

… God set certain natural laws in place… to say… he’s sitting there manipulating the weather, I don’t think He does that.

So if I have Christian logic correct, God creates hurricanes, but you can’t tell God to change the direction of hurricanes, but you can tell God to block the hurricane from damaging your land, but you can’t tell God to stop making hurricanes, but hurricanes are good.

I had no idea brain cells could die in a living person, but Pat Robertson is a medical miracle.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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