Iowa Christians Demand Courthouse Nativity Scene During Raucous Meeting December 17, 2019

Iowa Christians Demand Courthouse Nativity Scene During Raucous Meeting

Last month, a Nativity scene was placed outside the Appanoose County Courthouse in Centerville, Iowa by the Centerville-Rathbun Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Why? Who knows. It never should have been allowed there at all since it’s an endorsement of Christianity on government property, but a city official said yes.

That display was moved to a different location (on private property) last week after they found enough volunteers to help out. Problem solved. But there were people who demanded the Nativity scene return to the courthouse, even starting a petition to that extent (because they don’t give a damn about the Constitution).

Atheists fired back, too, saying that if the Nativity scene went back up at the courthouse, they would demand the right to put up their own displays.

Last night, the whole issue came to a head during an unusually crowded meeting of the Centerville City Council. Just watch beginning at the 23:20 mark, and you’ll hear City Administrator Jason Fraser explain that he doesn’t believe the Nativity should return to the courthouse (smart!) before the public comments begin. (The video may not play below due to the city’s settings.)

Oh boy. Those public comments… There was a lady who claims “us Christians have rights, also” as if Christian supremacy is a substitute for equality, adding that the city council is somehow opposing “love” (31:40). There was the pastor who complained about the Nativity’s removal as if that was somehow an affront to Christians. He also said Liberty Counsel would defend the city in any lawsuit for free (which is a lie, since the city would be on the hook for all legal costs after they lose). There was another guy (38:00) who couldn’t believe the city was listening to atheists.

And then, at 38:45, there’s Kathy Perry, who proclaimed, “I would die for my God!” Like anyone cares. She then called the officials liars and cowards and spoke well past her allotted time (because Christians don’t have to follow the rules).

The only voice of reason in the mix, at 44:26, was atheist Beau Reeves, who said he “should not have to see baby Jesus” on the courthouse lawn as a taxpaying citizen.

Kudos also to board member Jay Dillard who had to explain to the Christians, “We do not rule by majority, because if there was one person that lived in Centerville, then we have to represent them as well, [even if it] does not agree with your particular [view].”

He attempted to explain equality to Christians who believe in their own supremacy.

The response from the crowd around 48:56? “Communism at its finest!”

These Christians need help. They want a theocracy. At least in this town, the officials had the good sense not to listen to them.

(Thanks to Justin for the link)

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