What Democratic Presidential Candidates Could Say To Appeal to Atheists December 14, 2019

What Democratic Presidential Candidates Could Say To Appeal to Atheists

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked at a town hall meeting, “What is your plan for protecting the rights of atheists and other non-believers?”

Her answer left a lot to be desired. She said things… but it was clear she wasn’t dodging the question so much as taken by surprise that such rights even needed protecting. She didn’t seem to know what atheists even wanted.

So I wrote up a short list for Religion News Service of what Warren — or any other Democrat — could say that would raise their support among Secular Americans without alienating religious people.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

If the next president continues to have any sort of faith-based advisory board, as Obama had and Trump has maintained, then non-religious Americans should be included in the mix. No “interfaith” group is complete if it excludes non-religious voices. Just because we don’t believe in a god doesn’t mean we don’t have opinions on matters concerning religion and the government.

Check out the full article here.

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