Jim Bakker: America Won’t “Be Worth Living In” If Trump Is Impeached December 14, 2019

Jim Bakker: America Won’t “Be Worth Living In” If Trump Is Impeached

Televangelist Jim Bakker is so disturbed by the possibility of Donald Trump‘s impeachment that he says America won’t even be worth living in unless Trump is in the White House. (Somehow, that didn’t stop him from going anywhere before the election of 2016.)

The rhetoric got violent, too, with Bakker warning Democrats that there would “be an explosion” if they didn’t lay off holding Trump accountable.

“This has got to be unconstitutional,” Bakker bellowed before calling on those in his studio audience to raise their hands if they agreed with him. “I want the government to see this. These are voters. Everyone in this room — it’s 100 percent — say it’s unconstitutional to do what they’re doing.”

“There is going to be an explosion if you don’t stop it,” he warned. “People are not going to tolerate it anymore … I wouldn’t even be surprised if you don’t see quiet old ladies, like some of you sitting here, marching in the streets because America is not even going to be worth living in in another year or two, the way we’re going if we’re not careful. We can’t let people take over who hate God.”

Considering all the Democrats running for office are religious, and nearly all of them are Christian, it’s unlikely that an atheist is about to win the presidency… and even then, atheists don’t hate God. So Bakker presumably means that anyone who’s not Trump, by definition, hates God.

But here’s a thought: If Trump is impeached, Bakker should lead an exodus of all of those quiet old ladies to some other country. Or whatever place gives him the opportunity to grift away. He’ll be happier there. So will we.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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