Podcast Ep. 300: The 300th Episode Ever December 13, 2019

Podcast Ep. 300: The 300th Episode Ever

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Thank you for helping us reach this milestone! Your stories are interspersed throughout this episode!

— A man who slapped a reporter’s butt on live TV during a race is a Christian youth leader. (3:54)

— The people running the Anti-Theism conference still don’t get it. (11:08)

— A racist city council member from Georgia is resigning before voters can vote him out. (26:00)

Donald Trump asked a Christian pastor who said Jews are going to Hell to speak at a Hanukkah Reception. And that’s not all. (31:40)

— A Minnesota mom is suing two pharmacy chains after she was unable to get the morning-after pill from them. (36:33)

— A Wall Street Journal essayist wants atheists to lie to their kids about death. (42:50)

— A Louisiana high school newspaper had to change its front page because it was deemed too Jesus-y. (49:35)

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