Trump Asks Pastor Who Says Jews Are Going to Hell To Speak at Hanukkah Reception December 12, 2019

Trump Asks Pastor Who Says Jews Are Going to Hell To Speak at Hanukkah Reception

In a bizarre moment during the White House’s Hanukkah Reception yesterday, Donald Trump invited Pastor Robert JeffressSouthern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress — to address the crowd.

In case you’re not familiar with him, that would be the same Robert Jeffress who once said “you can’t be saved being a Jew” during a rant in which he also condemned Islam and Mormonism.

That comment on its own isn’t shocking. It’s what many Christians believe about everyone else who’s not a Christian. You have to agree with them on the Jesus myth or it’s an eternity of torture for you. But to have Jeffress speak to a crowd of Jews during an event in their honor? It makes as much sense as when Jeffress spoke in Jerusalem last year to mark the opening of the new U.S. embassy.

We know why Trump calls on him. Jeffress is a frequent presence on FOX News and a constant asskisser. He’s the kind of Religious Right leader who will never say anything critical of a Republican in power so long as he has proximity to that individual. Trump can do no wrong in Jeffress’ eyes as long as he keeps shoving through unqualified, extremist judges to lifetime appointments on the federal bench.

But you would think the Jews in attendance would have at least a slight problem hearing from a guy who thinks they’re eternally doomed. On the upside, if Hell exists, at least they’ll all get to watch Jeffress burn.

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