Christian Hate Group Condemns “Bizarre Disgrace” of Singular Pronoun “They” December 11, 2019

Christian Hate Group Condemns “Bizarre Disgrace” of Singular Pronoun “They”

The Christian hate group Liberty Counsel is using its latest fundraising pitch to wage an all-out war against… the word “they.”

Merriam-Webster announced yesterday that “they” — now frequently used as a gender-neutral singular pronoun — had undergone such a major transformation that it was the “2019 Word of the Year.”

And that, as we know, is clearly an attack against Christianity. At least Mat Staver says so, calling it a “bizarre disgrace.”

“Nonbinary” is the headache-inducing term for someone who insists that he or she “is neither entirely male nor entirely female,” as Merriam-Webster puts it.

But the fact is, we’re either male or female. It’s in our DNA, with more than 6500 unique differences between male and female DNA.

Conservative Christianity: Where God poofing everything into existence is totally normal but seeing the word “nonbinary” gives you a headache.

Liberty Counsel then listed a number of anti-transgender cases they had worked on over the past year, doing everything in their power to hurt people over their desire to [checks notes] use a public bathroom and receive some respect from their teachers.

This is what they’re doing with the millions of dollars at their disposal. Because there’s nothing Jesus hated more than LGBTQ rights and the singular “they.” It’s in the Bible. Somewhere.

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