After White House Visit, Christian Singers Gush Over Trump’s Supposed Compassion December 11, 2019

After White House Visit, Christian Singers Gush Over Trump’s Supposed Compassion

A video of contemporary Christian singers Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes was recently posted to the White House’s Twitter account, detailing their visit to the new Trump Palace with other worship leaders:

We are “part of the group” that prayed “in the Oval Office for President Trump,” Jobe gushes.

She goes onto describe how “moved” she was by how much the White House staff is concerned about “religious freedom” (for other Christians), “the marginalized” (unless you’re LGBTQ, black, or poor), and “those who have been trafficked” (unless they’re brown-skinned and/or from Mexico).

The President and his allies are, according to Jobe, working “really hard” to “end these things.” She claims to have been “in tears all day” by “what God is doing in our White House”… which is, unintentionally, a rather compelling argument in favor of atheism.

You don’t have to even listen to the video to see that Jobe and Carnes are two people who will never have to worry about being negatively affected by Trump’s policies. They’re white; they’re Christian; they’re big stars in the Christian music biz, so money isn’t a constant concern. They won’t have to worry about fleeing violence in their native land on foot and asking for asylum. They won’t have to worry about sacrificing a month’s rent to pay a medical bill. They presumably don’t have to worry about losing their employment on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Trump’s loudest, proudest defenders all have these things in common. That’s not a coincidence.

We may never know the names of the Christian celebrities who were asked to perform or visit the White House but refused on principle. But more power to Christians like that who refuse to be used as a propaganda tool to help Trump convince more conservatives to support his cruelty for another four years in 2020.

It’s sad and aggravating to see two Christian artists gush about a president whose policies have torn families apart and made it more difficult for refugees to find a safe haven just weeks before they celebrate the birth of the most favorite refugee of all.

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