This Creepy Christian Truck is a Mobile Baptism Unit December 9, 2019

This Creepy Christian Truck is a Mobile Baptism Unit

Avoid strangers. Don’t get inside an unmarked white van. And avoid the dude coming into your neighborhood with a mobile baptism pool.

In other words, stay away from the leader of a group called Revive Mississippi. He’s the one driving around with a baptism pool… because if there’s one thing we know about Mississippi, it’s the fact that there are no churches anywhere in the state where you can get baptized the usual way.

People can pray to receive Christ and immediately get baptized.

A group of twelve churches of different denominations around area host the mobile truck.

Yep. Nothing more sincere than a religious conversion that takes place in the span of a truck driving down your block.

On a side note, I don’t understand why WTVA considers this news, given that the organization has been bragging about the baptism truck for more than two years. Must be a slow weekend.

(Thanks to Alan for the link)

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