This Jesus Christ Video Game Trailer Doesn’t Make Any Sense December 8, 2019

This Jesus Christ Video Game Trailer Doesn’t Make Any Sense

In a video game trailer that looks like it ought to be a parody, Jesus Christ appears to perform the miracles of the New Testament.

To what end? We’re not told.

Do you get extra lives? That seems blasphemous.

Who does he fight? Who knows. Maybe he flips a few tables.

Are there weapons? Maybe if you buy an upgraded version.

Does it work? Well, he’s crucified. That’s kind of the whole point. (Sorry. Should’ve put a spoiler alert there.)

It’s not clear what the game actually is, or how you can win, or how many points you get for making all those fishes. But there’s still reason to believe “I Am Jesus Christ” is a real game, according to the AV Club:

… even if it’s a joke, it’s a joke that’s managed to make its way on to Steam — admittedly, not the highest bar to clear, but still a process that weeds out things that are actual frauds — and thus one with at least some actual intent apparently behind it. Developer SimulaM is an unknown entity — with this as their first game, and the majority of their Steam comments simply reassuring critics that Jesus’ skin color doesn’t matter, because the game is played from a first-person perspective anyway. But listed publisher PlayWay S.A. is an actual entity with plenty of titles (including Thief Simulator and House Flipper) to its name, and they’re presumably signed off on this marketing push.

Even if the trailer doesn’t give away anything about the actual game, then, it may still be coming out soon. Maybe on Christmas. Because why not.

And if it’s successful, I can only assume Jesus will return for the sequel.

(Thanks to @MrDeCoyote for the link)

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