Poll: 61% of Canadians Accept Evolution While 23% Are Young Earth Creationists December 5, 2019

Poll: 61% of Canadians Accept Evolution While 23% Are Young Earth Creationists

Canada has yet another reason to mock its neighbor to the South: A new poll finds that only 23% of Canadians think we were poofed into existence by God sometime in the past 10,000 years. Compare that to the astonishing 40% of people in the United States who say the same thing.

The poll from Research Co. also found that 61% of Canadians accepted the reality that we evolved over the course of millions of years. That’s down slightly from last year, when the same company put the number at 66%, but it’s still far better than any similar polls in the U.S.

The survey also asked Canadians if they wanted Creationism taught alongside evolution in the classroom. The right answer, obviously, is “No.” But 38% of Canadians said we should at least consider it. Only 39% understood that mythology has no place in a science classroom.

It should go without saying that any percentage of Creationists is too high. A number in the double-digits suggests a serious lack of scientific understanding in the population. A number in the 20s is horrifying. And a number in the 40s is so batshit insane, the U.S. deserves all the mockery coming our way. But Canada offers hope that the scourge of religious misinformation won’t always become an epidemic.

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