Christian Sends Threat to Ohio Official Who Backed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance December 5, 2019

Christian Sends Threat to Ohio Official Who Backed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

Two weeks ago, the Westerville City Council in Ohio voted 4-3 to add sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to the list of classes receiving non-discrimination protection. It’s no longer legal to be denied housing or employment, for example, just because you’re LGBTQ. Good for the city!

Council member Valerie Cumming voted in favor of that change, and she now says her family has been targeted by conservative activists as a result.

“On Sunday afternoon I arrived home from our Thanksgiving vacation to find that someone left a bag on my doorstep with two copies of an article titled ‘Democrats and their Coalition of the Damned.‘”

With a cover letter saying “Happy Thanksgiving from Your Neighbors,” the letter says “pro-choice women…should ask themselves, if I had crossed my legs instead of my fingers…” and refers to “…organized sexual deviants demanding acceptance of their perversions by the general culture.”

“There were two copies of it — one addressed to me, and one addressed to my children,” Cumming said…

So some jackass left a note, at her home, for her four teenage daughters effectively calling their mother a sexual deviant or at least a puppet of those who are. Classy.

If you zoom in on the letter on the WBNS website — since the video won’t properly embed here — there are enough clues (like references to the “Creator”) to point to the culprit being a Christian. Because of course it was.

Cummings filed a police report just to be on the safe side, but she maintains that actions like these are precisely why these laws are needed. She’s willing to listen to her opponents. But it’s clear those Christian bigots would rather send threats from a distance.

(Thanks to John for the link)

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