A Newspaper Typo Led to “Satan” Showing Up at a Christmas Parade December 4, 2019

A Newspaper Typo Led to “Satan” Showing Up at a Christmas Parade

A couple of weeks ago, the Comox Valley Record, a local paper in British Columbia, posted an advertisement for the city’s upcoming Christmas parade with a rather noticeable typo.

Look at that! If you arrive at 11:15, you can have your picture taken with Satan!

Tim “Skippy” Miller decided it was a perfect opportunity to have a little fun while making sure all the visitors got exactly what they came for. So he put on a red suit and a red hat and a red face and made himself available to anyone who wanted a picture.

Now that is how you celebrate the birth of Christ. Someone give that man a medal… so that he can burn it.

Miller wasn’t actually allowed to be in the parade, so all of those pictures are outside the purview of the actual event, but still. They should make this an annual tradition.

It takes a lot to upstage Santa in December, but this is one hell of a way to do it.

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