Dave Daubenmire: No One Has It Worse in America Than Vocal Christian Men December 3, 2019

Dave Daubenmire: No One Has It Worse in America Than Vocal Christian Men

Who are the most discriminated people in America?

You guessed it! Christian men. They have it soooooo rough, according to right-wing commentator Dave Daubenmire:

We are encompassed with a web of hatred for Christ and all things Christian and we don’t even see it. And the media points out when the black guy gets some discrimination, and the Jewish guy gets discriminated against, and the Muslim guy gets discriminated against, and there is not a lower class citizen in America than the Christian — strong Christian male. Not a lower class citizen in America than the strong-voiced Christian male.

Yes, maybe one day, a Christian male will finally become president. We can all dream…

As one sarcastic commenter on Twitter pointed out, “How often has he been pulled over for driving while Christian?”

It’s always telling when the people with both platforms and power spend all their time complaining about how tough they have it, especially when they spend all their time making sure no one else ever makes any headway. They oppose LGBTQ rights, promote White Nationalism, condemn Islam and atheism, etc. Then they pretend that Christians are the real victims.

The truth is: If everyone else treated Christians the way these Christians treat everyone else, they would be the first ones complaining about persecution. That’s how ignorant they are about their place in society.

Daubenmire isn’t persecuted. He just can’t escape the consequences of his own stupidity. And he can’t tell the difference between the two.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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