Once Again, Satanic Temple “Snaketivity” Goes Up in Illinois State Capitol December 2, 2019

Once Again, Satanic Temple “Snaketivity” Goes Up in Illinois State Capitol

For the second straight year, there’s a Satanic display up in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda. It says “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift” and features a woman’s hand holding an apple while a snake surrounds it.

The chapter says the “design of the statue keeps with The Satanic Temple’s values of advocating knowledge and rationality over superstition, ignorance, and dogma.” It was created by artists Holiday Gerry and Rosa Posa.

The display is identical to the one put up last year, hence the pictures from last year. But that previous display led one state senator to pathetically call for its removal. So far, there’s no pushback on the current version. Then again, today marks the first day the building will be open to the public since the display went up. So give it a few minutes.

My favorite thing about this display is that it’s a monument to knowledge. So when people inevitably complain about it, they’ll be falling into a trap of their own making.

The display will be up through December 28. That’s a lot of time for conservatives to stick their feet in their mouths.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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