Liberty University Launches “Think Tank” to Spread Right-Wing Misinformation November 30, 2019

Liberty University Launches “Think Tank” to Spread Right-Wing Misinformation

Liberty University just opened a “think tank” aimed at providing fodder for the Christian Nationalist side of the culture wars.

The newly christened “Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty” — named after Liberty’s President Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk — was launched this morning to “equip courageous champions to proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ, to advance His Kingdom, and renew American ideals.”

They make no attempt at separating a conservative mindset with right-wing Christianity.

Commenting on the Falkirk Center launch, co-founder Jerry Falwell, Jr. said, “As attacks on traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs grow in frequency and intensity, the need has never been greater for a national revival of our foundational principles throughout our society and institutions in America. We are delighted that Liberty University can play a part in this mission for Christ and American ideals.”

Reinforcing that sentiment, co-founder Charlie Kirk added, “It’s time we went on offense to stand up for the Church in America and to actively promote American freedoms based on the values enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. It’s an honor to partner with President Jerry Falwell and Liberty University on this purpose-driven mission that will be used to organize an army of believers in faith and liberty, from renowned pastors to young influencers, to renew our sacred freedoms and defend our deeply held convictions.”

They run every branch of government, they make up the majority of the country, they get tax exemptions they don’t deserve, and they still like pretending they’re under attack. So much for serious thought emanating from this place.

The website, much like one of Charlie Kirk’s ideas, is empty. It’s not clear who’s running it, who’s working for it, what projects they plan to focus on, or what distinguishes it from the dozens and dozens of other right-wing organizations that work to actively spread misinformation to the masses. (A now-altered Twitter bio for filmmaker Jaco Booyens had listed him as a “fellow” of the Falkirk Center.)

Honestly, you could slap a “Prager U” label on this building and nothing would change. Other than the fact that the center will be under Liberty’s non-profit umbrella.

Just think of it as a branch of Liberty University that uses Project Blitz as a textbook.

Or maybe conservatives just need a bigger warehouse to hold all those Triggered books they’re buying in the hopes of putting Donald Trump, Jr. on more bestsellers lists.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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