Right-Wing Host: Mr. Rogers Corrupted Children With His “Metrosexual Wimpiness” November 29, 2019

Right-Wing Host: Mr. Rogers Corrupted Children With His “Metrosexual Wimpiness”

During an episode of his “Daily Wire” podcast this week, right-wing host Andrew Klavan trashed, of all people, Fred Rogers, the beloved children’s television host who’s the subject of a recent biopic.

What’s wrong with Mr. Rogers? He apparently “corrupted” a generation of boys by teaching them how to be “wimps.”

… Fred Rogers modeled decency and Christian values, which is great, but he also modeled the misguided form of Christian manhood that looks so much like metrosexual wimpiness, it’s really difficult to tell the difference…

He went on to talk about how movie star John Wayne was a real man, because he was a gun-toting tough guy who projected strength and used it for good. Klavan didn’t mention — or didn’t know or didn’t care — that Wayne is also on record stating “I believe in white supremacy” in a 1971 interview with Playboy.

Being “a man,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, entails far more than projecting machismo. Mr. Rogers wasn’t perfect, but he was a far better person than even his TV character suggested. It’s reason enough to praise his legacy.

Really, you have to wonder why a man as gentle and kind as Rogers threatens a man like Klavan, whose tirade here says more about his deficiencies than Rogers’ problems.

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