Want to Show Your Gratitude Today? Thank the People Who Deserve It November 28, 2019

Want to Show Your Gratitude Today? Thank the People Who Deserve It

In a reflection that seems perfectly appropriate for today, atheist Jennifer Furner writes about how she can be thankful for what she has in her life without appealing to a Higher Power.

I don’t use the word “blessed” anymore.

Instead, I say “lucky.” I don’t believe in luck, exactly, only the arbitrariness of my good fortune. My life is merely a smattering of circumstances. If any of those circumstances had been changed in any way anywhere along the way, so would my life be changed.

Without God, I’m more aware of how my actions affect others and affect my surroundings. I don’t expect God to save our planet, so now I’m more careful about what I throw away and I eat less meat. I don’t expect God to save humanity, so now I speak out against hate and try to be more patient and loving with my fellow humans. When tragedy comes, I don’t send thoughts and prayers; I give hugs and meals and help where I can.

Remember that tonight. It’s possible to show gratitude to those who actually deserve it. If you’re lucky, you’ll be surrounded by some of them.

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