Twitter Mocks Christian Snowflakes Melting Down Over Chick-fil-A “Betrayal” November 28, 2019

Twitter Mocks Christian Snowflakes Melting Down Over Chick-fil-A “Betrayal”

Right-wing Christians have been in a real snit over the past week ever since Chick-fil-A announced that it would be restructuring its charitable giving in a way that focused on hunger, homelessness, and education. That move meant no longer giving money to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, two faith-based organizations with histories of opposition to marriage equality.

That was coupled with newly public tax documents on Tuesday showing that Chick-fil-A had, in 2017, made a $2,500 donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center. While the SPLC isn’t an anti-Christian group by any means, it has kept record of anti-LGBTQ “hate groups” that include some right-wing Christian organizations that spread lies about homosexuality. (Obviously, being opposed to marriage equality isn’t the issue. It’s not like every evangelical church is on that list.)

With all that in mind, conservatives online decided to wage an all-out culture war against the restaurant chain for betraying Christians.

Take Charlie Kirk, the founder of right-wing group Turning Point USA, who angrily tweeted “Chick-Fil-A betrayed us” after “we stood by them for years during every attack and controversy.”

Kirk called on fellow conservatives to boycott the company. His former Turning Point colleague Benny Johnson echoed his rhetoric:

But as Raw Story notes, the hypocrisy was obvious:

… while many conservatives replied to Kirk to support his angst over the ideological heresies of a fast-food chain, many other followers responded by mocking the right-wing activist for being a “snowflake” who is trying to “cancel” a private business over political differences.

People online were quick to point that out. Hilarity ensued:

It’s telling that conservatives are angry at a chicken restaurant for deciding to donate to the poorest among us, while chipping in a little bit toward a group aimed at exposing hate. Those ideals are apparently antithetical to their own beliefs.

They’re not the only ones. Tony Perkins said the Family Research Council (a hate group, according to SPLC) would no longer do business with Chick-fil-A. Bryan Fischer said the chain had “sold out” Christians.

Sometimes, they do our work for us.

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