Pastor: The Southern Baptist Convention Is Too Liberal, So We’re Leaving November 26, 2019

Pastor: The Southern Baptist Convention Is Too Liberal, So We’re Leaving

Yet another church has announced it’s separating itself from the Southern Baptist Convention, but this time, it’s not to avoid an investigation into sexual abuse. Grace Life Church of the Shoals in Muscle Shoals, Alabama says it will no longer be affiliated with the SBC, says Pastor Jeff Noblit, because it’s becoming way too liberal.

By which he means they’re not dismissive enough of female preachers like Beth Moore. (And that’ll create a slippery slope eventually leading to “homosexual preachers.”)

Calling it a “serious issue,” Noblit said the Scriptures are “unequivocally clear” in their prohibition against female pastors and preachers. But now, he said, “We have key, prominent Southern Baptist leaders who are accommodating and blessing this.” And the reason why people are supporting Moore, said Noblit, is because of the number of followers she has online.

Actually, plenty of Christians — male and female — disagree about Scripture being “unequivocally clear” on this issue. But when you’re predisposed to dismiss more progressive Christians as illegitimate Christians, no amount of evidence (even from the Bible) will ever convince you otherwise.

Noblit also trashed the SBC for embracing “critical race theory and intersectionality”… which is another way of saying even Christians need to understand the experiences of other Christians who aren’t white men. It’s a view that’s been championed by Christians of color who are pastors and scholars. But Noblit had no interest in their perspective, writing them off as “unbiblical, God-hating, God-rejecting people.”

Again, they’re Christians, too. Just wait until he learns what color the Bible’s writers were. And Jesus.

Oh well. No loss for the SBC. Sometimes the trash takes itself out.

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