North Carolina Church Sign Claims Liberals Are Trying “2 IMPEACH JESUS TOO” November 24, 2019

North Carolina Church Sign Claims Liberals Are Trying “2 IMPEACH JESUS TOO”

Resurrection Baptist Church in North Carolina is getting on the Trump train with a sign saying “TRYING 2 IMPEACH JESUS TOO! WONT HAPPEN EITHER!”

What’s wrong with impeaching Donald Trump? Nothing.

Who’s impeaching Jesus? No one.

Why do they use “2” and “too”? Good luck figuring that one out.

But Pastor Tim Jones attempted to explain himself:

“I started thinking about the society we’re in and how it’s become Godless. They’re trying to impeach a president they’re not happy that won an election,” Jones said. “I said what’s the difference? They’re trying to take God out of everything as well.”

How are we Godless? I don’t know. Roughly two-thirds of the country still identifies as Christian.

What does the impeachment have to do with overturning an election? I still haven’t heard a good answer to this one since every impeachment, by definition, would occur after an election, and this president is all too deserving of it.

What’s the difference? Well, if you believe the myth, Jesus was without sin, and Trump is nothing but sin. How’s that for starters?

Jones wasn’t done yet.

“The homosexual community can have marches, and we can talk about climate change, but Christians can’t talk about what we believe in,” Jones said. “If we do, we’re called racist. Christians are becoming a minority.

Have Christians been silenced? No. Churches are still legal. Mouths still work. Kanye West won’t shut up.

Are Christians called racist? Yes, if they’re racist. That’s easy.

Are Christians becoming a minority? Eventually, let’s hope. But not yet. Not for a while. And even when that happens, so what? Every other religious and non-religious group is a minority in some sense, and apparently we’re taking over this whole joint, so calm down.

As WBTV notes, this isn’t the first time the church has gotten involved in politics. In 2016, they put up a sign saying “WE ARE VOTING, AND NOT FOR HILLARY!” It raises a very worthwhile question of why they’re allowed to maintain their tax exempt status when they’re clearly eager to play politics. The news station has evidence that Jones achieved non-profit status last year, though Jones maintains they do pay taxes and that’s why he’s able to tell people who to support.

“We’re not incorporated, we’re an independent, fundamental Baptist church. We’re not a part of any Baptist association or any other association,” he said in 2018.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re paying taxes. In any case, this church must be overflowing every week since their goal seems to be pushing away as many decent people as possible. So I hope they keep going.

Hitch your wagon to all things Trump. That will surely end well for you.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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