This Book Contains Everything You Need to Debunk the Idea of Miracles November 23, 2019

This Book Contains Everything You Need to Debunk the Idea of Miracles

There are a lot of exaggerated headlines these days, but this isn’t one of them. The Case Against Miracles, edited by atheist John W. Loftus, contains everything you need to know to debunk the very notion of miracles from a philosophical perspective.

Loftus used to study Christian apologetics under noted philosopher William Lane Craig, so he understands the nature of that beast. For example, he shows how the resurrection of Jesus never occurred without using what some Christians refer to as “anti-supernatural bias.”

We don’t have anything written directly by Jesus or any of his original disciples. We have no written responses to Jesus from the Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, or teachers of the law either. Jesus always had the last word in the disputes in the gospels — something I have never seen in any real religious debate. This shows us the anonymous gospel writers were spreading propaganda rather than producing the results of a disinterested investigation, despite what they claim.

There are essays from a number of contributors well-known in atheist circles, covering everything apologists use in defense of so-called miracles. If you’re preparing for a debate, or just have a desire to learn what the best arguments are to knock down irrational ideas, check this book out.

(Full disclosure: The book is being released by Hypatia Press, which I run.)

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