Black Trump Surrogate: Women Should Be “Handmaidens” and Homosexuality is “Evil” November 21, 2019

Black Trump Surrogate: Women Should Be “Handmaidens” and Homosexuality is “Evil”

Right-wing commentator Clarence Mason Weaver wants to know what’s “wrong with being homophobic.” He also says women have harmed society by winning the “right to leave the home and go to work.” He believes women standing up to sexual harassers at work are the reason “why we don’t want to be around you in a business.” In general, he thinks women should act like “handmaidens” — literal handmaidens — and “be submissive.”

No wonder he was just appointed to a key position for Donald Trump‘s 2020 presidential campaign. Weaver is listed as an advisory board member for a group called “Black Voices for Trump” — alongside such luminaries as Herman Cain, Diamond and Silk, and actress Stacey Dash.

While the comments of those other board members are well-known, Weaver’s comments have mostly slid under the radar under now. But Eric Hananoki of Media Matters for America has plenty of receipts regarding how Weaver feels about LGBTQ people and women.

For example, in addition to saying he would never appear on a “program with a homosexual host,” he also also complained about a commercial that featured a lesbian couple. In response to that ad, he says he told his granddaughter, “homosexuality is an abomination. Not just a sin. It’s an abomination.”

None of that seems to bother the Trump campaign. And Trump’s actions don’t seem to bother Weaver or anyone else on that advisory board. We’re talking about a man who has characterized African Americans as lazy, said white supremacists are “very fine people,” and referred to African nations as “shithole” countries.

But like Kanye West, Weaver is all too happy to have Trump’s vote of confidence.

No wonder Trump likes him so much. A little bit of attention is all it takes for Weaver and his colleagues to overlook all of Trump’s race-related comments.

The two deserve each other.

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