Pat Robertson: The Trans Movement Wants to “Keep People from Having Children” November 18, 2019

Pat Robertson: The Trans Movement Wants to “Keep People from Having Children”

On today’s episode of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson claimed that the transgender movement, and gender transition surgeries specifically, were a “satanic” attempt to block people from having kids.

I guess they didn’t have time on the one-hour show to include citations.

“The devil has found a new way to keep people from bearing young in the image of God,” Robertson said. “To think that these people will then be neutered, they will not be able to be married, to have successful families, they won’t have children to look after them in their old age. I mean, they are throwing away their whole future on this nonsense that comes about in this politically correct environment.”

Trans people don’t necessarily have surgery. But even if they do, they can (and do) get married. They can (and do) have successful families. They can (and do) have kids. They can (and do) have futures — good ones, too, if not for the likes of Robertson and his Christian allies.

What they don’t have is Robertson’s hate-fueled ignorance.

If anything, this “politically correct environment” is precisely why trans people have made any strides when it comes to civil rights protections — though they obviously have a long way to go before achieving any semblance of equality. It’s also why Robertson’s particular brand of Christianity is going down the tubes. (Hey, it’s about time Christian dinosaurs went extinct.)

He then added that the mere existence of trans people was somehow an “attack of the enemy against human beings.”

“… God says ‘be fruitful and multiply and subdue the Earth and possess it.’ Be fruitful and multiply. But the devil says, ‘Oh no, you are creating boys and girls, young babies in the image of God and we won’t permit that.’ So we are just a bunch of suckers buying into a lie.”

Well, at least he got that last sentence right. The sort of people who believe disobedient children should be executed and that God will punish us with leprosy, and that communities can oppose Drag Queen Story Times by voting out librarians are indeed suckers buying into a lie.

But trans people who undergo gender transition? That’s real. And they’re not hurting anybody.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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