Conservatives Claim Amazon Put Kids’ Nativity Book in “Holiday Fiction” Category November 16, 2019

Conservatives Claim Amazon Put Kids’ Nativity Book in “Holiday Fiction” Category

Because FOX News has nothing else to talk about this week, Lou Dobbs of FOX Business Channel had Trump cultist Pastor Robert Jeffress on to discuss the latest controversy involving Amazon.

What controversy, you might be wondering? That’s the right response. There isn’t one. But I’ll take a shot at explaining their theory anyway.

Last month, the conservative author Thomas D. Williams published a book called First Christmas which tells the Nativity story with rhymes and illustrations. The Amazon page for the book says it’s currently ranked 14th in “Christian Poetry,” 66th in Catholicism, and 30th in “Children’s Christian Holiday Fiction.”


That’s it. That’s the controversy. Williams is the Rome Bureau Chief for Breitbart, Breitbart first published this story, and then it traveled to FOX News. I’m sure Breitbart will soon post about the Jeffress segment, and thus, the conservative bullshit cycle will be complete.

In any case, Jeffress made it sound like Amazon head Jeff Bezos personally killed Jesus with that listing.

… Look: Nobody should be surprised that Jeff Bezos and his Amazon/Washington Post Empire can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction

All of that is just Christian Outrage over nothing.

It’s more like the Amazon algorithm just put children’s books about Christmas in the same “Holiday Fiction” section alongside books featuring the Berenstain Bears, other animals, and Santa. Or — wait for it — it’s possible those were the categories listed by the book’s publisher. (How’s that for a twist?)

If you’re wondering, there is no children’s “Holiday Non-fiction” section. And other books about the Nativity aimed at adults are not categorized as fiction. Just “Christianity” and the like.

All that said, the Nativity story is a myth. Amazon wouldn’t be wrong to categorize it as fiction… but there’s no reason to think that’s what they did here.

By the way, Jeffress didn’t offer any evidence that the Nativity was a “fact,” but he did offer this:

… By the way… we still divide human history AD and BC by the entrance of Christ into the world, and nothing Amazon does is going to negate that tremendous truth.

Uh… the AD/BC distinction has absolutely nothing to do with the supposed truth of the birth of Jesus, and everything to do with the religion of people who had all the power in the centuries to come.

Jeffress inadvertently showed that the Nativity myth is fiction. If we’re already in the middle of the War on Christmas, whose side is Jeffress on?

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