This Televangelist Thinks God Will Heal Every Part of the Body He Touches November 12, 2019

This Televangelist Thinks God Will Heal Every Part of the Body He Touches

We know a lot of white evangelical Christians support Donald Trump despite the Republican Party’s efforts sabotaging the Affordable Care Act and making it more expensive to purchase health insurance that covers all your needs.

Now we know why. Who needs doctors, anyway, when you can just touch different parts of your body and heal everything yourself?

That’s what televangelist Kenneth Copeland did during a sermon on Monday. Speaking at his “Washington D.C. Victory Campaign 2019,” he led the crowd in seven minutes of what appears to be a Christian version of “Simon Says,” asking God to heal all body parts, one at a time, by saying “I call my body well.” (It starts around the 1:15:18 mark.)

Seven minutes.

At one point, he wants God to heal everyone’s livers until he realizes he doesn’t know where the liver is in his body.

I remind you: These are adult humans. They seriously think touching their brain and asking God to protect it will immunize them from dementia. [Insert your own joke here.]

How do I request a copy of everyone’s medical records over the next year…? Asking for a friend.

Copeland, as readers will know, is the guy who flies in private jets to avoid getting “in a long tube with a bunch of demons.” Last year, he also purchased a multi-million dollar private jet, then asked people for an additional $2.5 million for “upgrades.” He pulled this same healing stunt on the plane, asking God to rid the plane of corrosion.

He’s gotten wealthy doing stuff like this, giving gullible people hope, then flying away before they realize they’ve been duped.

Earlier this year, he said God told him he would live to preach until he’s 120 years old.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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