Saudi Ad Refers to Feminism, Atheism, and Homosexuality as “Forms of Extremism” November 12, 2019

Saudi Ad Refers to Feminism, Atheism, and Homosexuality as “Forms of Extremism”

A few days ago, a Saudi Arabian security agency — with a verified checkmark — tweeted a promotional video that listed feminism, homosexuality, and atheism as examples of extremism that must be opposed at all costs.

Reuters notes that this flies in the face of how Saudi Arabia would like to present itself to the world, as a tolerant, foreigner-friendly place. Though you didn’t need this video to tell you the Islamic theocracy is anything but welcoming to outsiders.

Under Saudi law, supporting groups classified as extremist organizations can lead to imprisonment.

Homosexuality and atheism have long been illegal and punishable by death in the absolute monarchy, where public protests and political parties are banned and the media is tightly controlled.

When a government punishes critical thinking or private actions that hurt nobody, it’s a nation you should avoid at all costs. Certainly, they don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.

(Thanks to Faisal for the translation help and Som for the link)


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