Dave Daubenmire: Many Women “Abort the Baby for Satanic Rituals” November 9, 2019

Dave Daubenmire: Many Women “Abort the Baby for Satanic Rituals”

Christian Right activist Dave Daubenmire knows something about Planned Parenthood that is news to me.

He said on his “Pass The Salt Live” show yesterday that many women who have abortions are actually doing it as part of a Satanic ritual.

I don’t know if you guys know this or not. Many of the people who go into Planned Parenthoods, to have their babies killed, are what they call “breeders.” Breeders! They do it over and over and over. They’re paid to get pregnant to abort the baby for Satanic rituals.

Did you guys have any idea of that? Did you know that? Did you understand that some of those women walking in there aren’t just troubled women, aren’t just caught-themselves-in-a-bad-situation, they’re breeders! They do it over and over and… but we don’t want to believe that, do we?

Aw, no, coach! No! You’ve got it wrong! Do I really?

Yes. Really. Totally wrong. None of that makes any sense. Not the breeding, or the Satanic rituals, or the payments. (Especially the payments.)

I can’t decide if I’m more frightened of Daubenmire’s imagination or his “research” process.

At least one Satanic group is distancing itself from Daubenmire’s rant.

Once again, Satanists easily take the moral high ground over a Christian activist who lies for a living.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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