E.W. Jackson Backtracks After Saying VA Elections Were Matter of “Life or Death” November 8, 2019

E.W. Jackson Backtracks After Saying VA Elections Were Matter of “Life or Death”

Just before this week’s elections in Virginia, evangelical preacher E.W. Jackson, a former candidate for Lt. Governor himself, urged voters to keep a Republican majority in the legislature. He urged voters to treat the election like D-Day, before saying “This is life or death for your church.”

And then Democrats won everything. They flipped the House and Senate. Virginia is now a blue state with a host of progressive legislation just waiting in the wings.

Jackson must be devastated by these results, right?

Nope. He’s reacting with a giant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, completely lowering the stakes from “death” to “meh.”

“I know if you’re listening to or watching the news, you’re thinking, ‘Bishop Jackson is going to be sad today because Virginia lost both the House and the Senate to a bunch of leftists,’” Jackson said. “You probably were looking for the sadness in my voice. Well, you know what, folks? I refuse to be sad, I refuse to be discouraged because I’m a child of God and I know that ultimately, we are right and they are wrong and, ultimately, we will win. If it takes Jesus coming back, we will win, so I am not the least bit worried.”

If that’s his reaction, besides the fact that Christians shouldn’t take his warnings seriously, it’s all the more reason for moderates and other Christians to flip to Democrats. You can’t take the heated rhetoric seriously since the loudest voices are backtracking. Evangelicals just exaggerate their fears — they lie — and the sky won’t fall for conservatives if they lose. Hell, they’re already rationalizing their rejection.

Oh, how sweet it will be to hear other right-wing evangelicals long for the return of Jesus the day after next year’s elections.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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