Ralph Reed: If Christians Don’t Re-Elect Trump, They Deserve to be Persecuted November 6, 2019

Ralph Reed: If Christians Don’t Re-Elect Trump, They Deserve to be Persecuted

Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, said last month that Christians have a “moral obligation” to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

Now, perhaps reading the tea leaves of impeachment, Reed is taking a more threatening approach, saying that if Trump loses in 2020, the Christians deserve to be persecuted. (How’s that for some reverse psychology?)

He made the comments during a podcast interview on Monday.

“If the Christian community doesn’t rise up like it never has in modern political history and if we allow, through our inaction, the left to remove this man from the Oval Office, then we will deserve everything that we get,” Reed said. “If they get the White House back, it will be open season on Christian ministries, on churches, the IRS will be able to persecute those faith-based organizations again. They will, under Obamacare, be able to force them to pay for abortion again. They will be able to sue the Little Sisters of the Poor and drag God-fearing nuns into federal court again to make them pay for abortion. That’s what will happen, and if we don’t turn out and vote in the biggest numbers ever, then we deserve it to happen.”

That is one hell of a temper tantrum to have well in advance of your desired candidate losing.

It’s also a collection of right-wing lies. Democrats aren’t going to go after Christian ministries because most Democrats are still Christian. The IRS never persecuted faith-based organizations, but they should revoke the tax-exempt statuses of organizations that don’t follow the rules — including churches with pastors who tell their congregations how to vote. There were more than enough accommodations for religious groups under Obamacare, but nothing was good enough, because those groups weren’t interested in an accommodation; they just wanted to block the law from going into effect. And taxpayer-funded organizations should have to play by the rules, whether they’re religious or not.

It’s not persecution to ask Christians to play by the same rules as everyone else.

Reed treats a lack of special privilege as persecution. That’s a slap in the face to actual victims of religious prsecution, who are arrested or tortured for their beliefs.

For what it’s worth, conservatives said the same thing would happen if President Obama won a second term. He did. Then the sky didn’t fall. Reed must be hoping conservative Christians have a short memory.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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