Ex-Therapist Gives Up License After Activists Reveal Her “Satanic Panic” Talks November 6, 2019

Ex-Therapist Gives Up License After Activists Reveal Her “Satanic Panic” Talks

A former therapist with a reputation for pushing conspiracy theories has been successfully “outed” by activists from The Satanic Temple in Canada, according to Ed Cara at Gizmodo.

The activists said that retired therapist Alison Miller spent years promulgating conspiracy theories about widespread mind-control cults, which included so-called “satanic cults.” Even though she’s no longer in practice, she continues to deliver lectures and writes books.

This past June, the Satanists sent a letter to the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (CPBC), linking to a few of her presentations. It wasn’t long before she gave up her psychology license. Voluntarily.

“There are a couple of different groups and organizations with individuals who continue to promote the idea that there are roving gangs of Satanists abducting and abusing people so severely that they block it from their memory — and that these memories can only be recovered with the aid of a therapist at some point in the future,” Grey Faction director Evan Anderson told Gizmodo by phone. Grey Faction claims that Miller was one of these individuals.

In a way, then, Miller did exactly the same things she claimed Satanic cults were doing: She brainwashed her patients with lies. In one instance, she allegedly told a patient who said she had been abducted by aliens that she was actually abused by cult members who later implanted a false memory in her head.

No wonder The Satanic Temple wanted her to lose her credentials. Her work is reminiscent of the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. After the dust had settled regarding allegations of Satanists abusing people, there was no credible evidence that such abuse had ever existed.

While the CPBC hesitated to take action against Miller due to her retirement, she said she believed a non-practicing license was required to maintain access to her old records. When told that wasn’t true, she gave up the license, putting an end to any further investigation.

There’s no apology. There’s no punishment. But the end result is that Miller’s reputation is in tatters. That still counts as a victory, even if it’s a relatively small one. Anytime a promoter of harmful nonsense is stopped, Baphomet gets new wings. Or something like that.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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