Northern Ireland Billboards Advertise Humanist Celebrants for Same-Sex Weddings November 5, 2019

Northern Ireland Billboards Advertise Humanist Celebrants for Same-Sex Weddings

Last year, an appeals court in Northern Ireland ruled that Humanists could legally perform wedding ceremonies. Until then, marriages were only legal if they were conducted by a religious celebrant or civil servant.

With same-sex marriages now legal in Northern Ireland (as of a couple of weeks ago), all the more reason to promote Humanist celebrants as people who can officiate those weddings.

That’s why the Northern Ireland Humanists have put up these billboards advertising their services. They feature same-sex couples alongside the words “Love wins for everyone.”

Northern Ireland Humanists Coordinator Boyd Sleator said: ‘LGBT people in Northern Ireland have suffered for too long under archaic laws influenced by religious groups which have prevented same-sex couples from being able to legally marry. Marriage is a fundamental human right and these billboards celebrate equality, fairness, and the enormous progress that we’ve achieved.

‘From next year, same-sex couples will be able to legally wed the person they love, and we hope people will choose a bespoke, humanist wedding to mark their special day.’

There are eight billboards all around central Belfast.

Give it time, and some priest is bound to complain at the thought of seeing gay people happy.

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