Kentucky GOP Governor Matt Bevin, a Christian Nationalist, Loses Re-election Bid November 5, 2019

Kentucky GOP Governor Matt Bevin, a Christian Nationalist, Loses Re-election Bid

After four years in power, Matt Bevin, the governor of Kentucky who never missed an opportunity to promote conservative Christianity while on the clock, has been defeated. A Republican with Donald Trump‘s full endorsement just lost the state of Kentucky.

Over the years, Bevin has been one disaster after another on matters of church/state separation (in addition to everything else). He has said that faith-based foster homes that receive taxpayer funding should be allowed to proselytize to children in their care, said prayer could prevent violence, responded to a mass shooting by declaring a day of prayer, proclaimed it the “Year of the Bible” in 2017, blamed the violence in Charlottesville on a lack of forced Christianity in public schools, repeatedly encouraged kids to bring bibles to school, gave away a state park to a church for free, and called county clerk Kim Davis an “inspiration” for violating the law.

He’s a fan of Ark Encounter and didn’t appeal a judge’s decision to give a tourism-related tax rebate worth around $18 million over ten years to Ken Ham‘s ministry even though they were discriminating in hiring.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he invited Christian leaders to his mansion for a prayer rally before the election.

After all that, Jesus has answered his prayers with a resounding “No.” Maybe God just preferred Democrat Andy Beshear, who serves as a deacon at his church. That guy walks the walk while Bevin uses his faith as a weapon and pandering tool.

Good riddance to an unpopular governor who made the lives of Kentucky residents worse if they didn’t share his personal brand of mythology.

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