Adelaide Rainbow Walk Defaced With “Jesus ♥ You” Graffiti November 1, 2019

Adelaide Rainbow Walk Defaced With “Jesus ♥ You” Graffiti

A rainbow crosswalk in Adelaide, Australia, meant to highlight important dates in LGBTQ history, was defaced recently by someone who wrote “Jesus ♥ you” over each date. (Based on pictures, the vandalism occurred in broad daylight.)

The unnamed 28-year-old vandal’s actions were caught on video by a man and his partner as they drove past the landmark.

“My boyfriend and I saw as we drove past,” he said.

We pulled around and I got out, snatched his spray can and bag of several more, took some photos of him — he calmly let me and then walked off — and I threw it in our car.

“He didn’t say a single thing to me the whole time.

“About 10 seconds later, some police drove past, I waved them down, and pointed him out to them.”

Whatever the vandal’s intentions — whether he just hates LGBTQ people, whether he’s wants to spread the love of Jesus, whether it’s both — it’s clear he was willing to deface public property to demonstrate his beliefs. He wanted to erase a symbol of LGBTQ history, as if it could be washed away or ignored. If that’s Christian “love,” it’s the suffocating kind of “love” that has little room for anyone who thinks differently.

Thankfully, that vandal has now been arrested. And the Adelaide City Council said the graffiti would be removed immediately.

Whatever the vandal wanted to do, he failed. His failure will inevitably bring even more support to the LGBTQ side.

(via LGBTQ Nation)

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