Franklin Graham: Pastors Should Imitate Priest Who Denied Communion to Joe Biden October 30, 2019

Franklin Graham: Pastors Should Imitate Priest Who Denied Communion to Joe Biden

Upon hearing that a priest in South Carolina had denied communion to Joe Biden because he’s pro-choice, evangelist Franklin Graham was practically giddy. He’s now urging other priests to take similar public stances against anyone who’s pro-choice (or, according to Graham, “pro-abortion”).

I applaud the fact that this priest did what he thought was right at the risk of possible public or political ire. I wish more churches, pastors, and priests would take a strong stand against abortion. Sometimes the role of addressing hard truths has been set aside in the church today in an attempt to accommodate culture, demonstrate tolerance, or even abide by political correctness…

Plenty of churches are against abortion. But what Father Robert E. Morey did to Biden, many Catholics would argue, was beyond the pale. Even though the Catholic Church opposes abortion, they say priests shouldn’t get to decide who’s worthy of receiving the sacrament. If someone wants it, he or she should be allowed to receive it.

Graham’s statement, then, is a way of saying priests know better than God who’s worthy of forgiveness.

What a guy.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump can get away with murder, mayhem, and (allegedly) rape, but Graham has yet to urge pastors to reject him or anyone in his orbit. No amount of family separations or ethnic cleansing will lead them to turn their backs on Trump, a bigoted politician who uses his power to inflict terror on various minority groups, but Joe Biden holds a center-left position on abortion, and suddenly he’s the worst guy ever.

That’s what religious hypocrisy looks like.

(via The New Civil Rights Movement)

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