Pastor Checks-His-Phone: Donald Trump’s Critics “Have Demons in Them” October 29, 2019

Pastor Checks-His-Phone: Donald Trump’s Critics “Have Demons in Them”

Right-wing pastor Perry Stone, best known for checking his phone while speaking on tongues, further abandoned those supposed Christian principles of holiness and righteous behavior when he declared that Democrats who oppose Donald Trump are demon-possessed.

Because Republicans who support ethnic cleansing and utter ignorance are God’s gift to humanity…

Stone made the comments during a prayer service last week.

“They’re trying to place hexes and curses on President Trump,” Stone said. “Satan hates this man.”

“He’s delaying the spirit of anti-Christ,” he added. “Not the Antichrist, the spirit of it, and he’s also delaying it by his support of Israel. And the adversary’s kingdom is shaken because of that.”

“I have never, in any nation of the world … seen people raised up with demons in them in Washington,” Stone said. “They have demons in them. You can look at their eyes when they almost start foaming at the mouth; [Rep. Adam] Schiff’s eyes get as big as saucers and it looks like he is having a seizure when you bring up [Trump’s] name. These are not normal people. They have given themselves over to reprobate minds.

Anyone who’s seen Rep. Adam Schiff on television can tell you he’s about as stoic as a politician gets — even when he talks about Trump. Good luck finding any clip that even comes close to resembling an emotional outburst, much less anything resembling a seizure.

And how is it that Democrats are the “reprobate minds” when those who support Trump are defending someone who has admitted to — and bragged about — sexual assault? And paid off a porn star to keep her quiet about their affair? And tore apart refugee children from their parents just for the sake of cruelty?

For someone eager to point out politicians foaming at the mouth, Stone overlooks all those Republicans flipping out over President Obama when he (gasp) wore a tan suit.

At least the outrage is warranted with Trump.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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