Preacher: Trump Wants Us All to Pray Because He “Knows Wisdom Comes from God” October 28, 2019

Preacher: Trump Wants Us All to Pray Because He “Knows Wisdom Comes from God”

Preacher and televangelist James Robison has always been unusual among the band of white evangelicals defending Donald Trump. While most of the pastors say Trump is flawed but God is using him for something greater, Robison insists Trump is among the godliest presidents we’ve ever had. This is the same guy who said Trump would bring about the “greatest spiritual awakening in history.”

Now he’s going even further, saying that Trump wants people to pray because he apparently “knows wisdom comes from God.”

This president wants everyone to pray. He really does. And I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time with him, traveling with him, praying with him. Praying with him many, many times for over three years in person and many times over the phone.

This man knows wisdom comes from God. He really does, whether you believe it or not, love his neighbor.

He and his family are not concerned about themselves. They have all joined together to try to do something for the country he loves, and he recognizes he was blessed to grow up in.

Would you please pray for our president? All those in authority? And would you pray that Congress would put their swords and knives down and come to the table of reason, in the presence of the God who will give them wisdom, and begin loving their neighbor and make it a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

Trump loves his neighbor so much that he’ll strip refugee children away from their parents, deport American soldiers, and create a genocide on a whim.

Imagine how deluded you have to be to think the entire Trump crime syndicate is actually selfless when their entire life has been a series of taking advantage of anyone and everyone gullible enough to buy into their bullshit. Imagine thinking Trump’s pandering to white evangelicals is actually a sincere expression of his devout faith. I guess he was thinking of Jesus when he paid an adult film star to keep quiet about their affair.

Trump doesn’t want people to pray. He wants them to pay. Him. Maybe Robison just couldn’t understand that over the phone line.

Robison, by the way, also defended Trump when the Access Hollywood tape came out, saying that Trump was “so embarrassed, so broken, so contrite, we could hardly talk.” He’s also praised Trump for meeting with Vladimir Putin, calling it a “miracle.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

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