Clark County (WA) GOP Elects Convicted Child Predator to Leadership Role October 28, 2019

Clark County (WA) GOP Elects Convicted Child Predator to Leadership Role

In 2010, a 43-year-old Dan Clark visited the home of a 15-year-old girl repeatedly over the course of two months. He would knock on her bedroom window, use a chair to climb into her house, “hug and kiss” on her bed, provide her with alcohol, give her a secret cellphone to use to communicate with him, and give her wedding magazines for when they would eventually get married.

They got married when she turned 18. But not before Clark was arrested.

Clark was arrested on suspicion of 10 counts of residential burglary with sexual motivation, according to court records. He was later convicted of residential burglary, violation of a civil anti-harassment order and furnishing alcohol to minors, and he was sentenced to roughly nine months in jail.

Why is all this relevant today?

Because that creepy-ass guy just got elected chair of the Clark County Republicans Bylaws and Resolutions Committee in Washington. The county’s GOP elected him to a leadership post within their party despite knowing about his past.

At least some Republicans in the state are appalled by the decision. State Senator Ann Rivers was shocked by the move, calling it evidence that the GOP is now “more like a cult than a political party.”

Her response is generating a lot of positive feedback, as well it should, except Rivers doesn’t say she’s leaving the party. Apparently she isn’t bothered enough about any of this. She also asked “What kind of organization elevates sexual predators to positions of leadership?” as if the GOP didn’t elevate Donald Trump.

So don’t mistake her outrage for courage.

At least Clark County Councilor John Blom, a precinct committee officer, submitted a letter of resignation in the wake of Dan Clark’s appointment.

“I want no part in an organization that knowingly and willingly allows individuals that prey on minors into positions of power,” Blom wrote in the letter.

Again, that’s appreciated, but Blom must have known that Trump admitted to barging into Miss Teen USA dressing rooms so he could look at naked 15-year-olds. What stopped him from leaving in 2016, 2017, or 2018?

You can’t pretend you’re concerned about sexual predation of children when Trump is the party leader and you decide to stay in the party. Just because Clark’s situation is closer to home doesn’t change that.

So far, the Clark County GOP hasn’t said much on the record about the new appointment. Perhaps they’re hoping the attention will just fade away.

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