Christian Website Posts Piece Claiming the “Transgender Cult Stole My Daughter” October 28, 2019

Christian Website Posts Piece Claiming the “Transgender Cult Stole My Daughter”

Any article titled “The transgender cult stole my daughter” might scream satire, but the Christian Post is not a satirical site. Or so they say.

A representative from the anti-transgender Kelsey Coalition wrote a hyperbole-laced warning to the masses: The trans community is out to steal and mutilate children!

(This would be news if it were true. But it’s not.)

It’s one thing for a parent to grieve over a child who doesn’t meet their expectations in certain ways, but this article bypasses all empathy and understanding and goes straight for theatrics:

Your beloved child has been kidnapped by a sadistic cult. The cult brainwashes her to believe you are the enemy. The brainwashing erases her entire childhood. Every good memory is replaced with memories of abuse that never happened.

You search for help everywhere. Nobody will help. Nobody will stop the cult. In fact, the government investigates YOU and tells you to approve of what the cult is doing to your daughter.

Society celebrates the cult and ridicules parents who fight back. Some parents are willingly handing their children over to the cult and cheering their child’s destruction. The child you love with everything in you, the child you would die for is now unrecognizable, replaced by someone who holds you in contempt. She is now part of the cult. You sob day after day, night after night, wondering how many tears one human can cry.

You scream when you see her severed breasts and collapse, sobbing, “My God, my God, what have they done to my baby?”

Whatever they did to the child isn’t nearly as bad as what this parent is doing.

To be clear, hormonal treatments, which trans kids can receive, are not the same as surgeries, which kids don’t get and which require all kinds of intermediary steps. There are regulations in place for very specific reasons. This “cult” will not accept cisgender people who want to be “mutilated” just for funsies.

There’s nothing cultish about accepting someone’s stated gender identity. Actually, there is plenty of evidence that transitioning — when someone is actually transgender and not “kidnapped” — is better for one’s mental health than living in a body that does not match their true identity.

It’s also worth mentioning that while this author continually refers to her child as her baby, that’s not the case. The author even says, “Sure, she’s legally an adult now…”

So any choices he makes are completely his own. That’s why mom has no legal recourse. Her despair should never take precedence over his well-being.

There are thousands of more cult casualties. Daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, cousins — all casualties of the sadistic cult. And let’s not forget wives with suddenly stunning and brave husbands, all of the lesbians under attack, and the erasure of women’s rights.

My beloved child was kidnapped by a sadistic cult. Will yours be next?

No. That’s not how it works. That’s not how anything works.

There’s no recruiting. No forced conversions. No blood oath.

Some basic research may have cleared up all these misconceptions. This is just faith-based fear-mongering. It’s shameful for any website to publish it as if there’s anything useful contained inside.

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