A Polish Bill Banning Sex Ed Led to Protests Outside the Famed “Papal Window” October 28, 2019

A Polish Bill Banning Sex Ed Led to Protests Outside the Famed “Papal Window”

Poland’s government recently pushed forward a bill that would criminalize sex education across the country, just days after national elections saw the ruling Law and Justice Party (abbreviated to PiS in Polish) retain its majority in the Polish equivalent of the House while losing its majority in the Senate.

Under the guise of protecting children, the bill would punish people with up to five years in prison if they promote sex — even educating children about it — to people under 18. Under one interpretation of the law, that would also apply to parents trying to educate their own kids about sex, not just schoolteachers.

The bill also equates homosexuality with pedophilia, and requires schools to promote anti-abortion and anti-contraception beliefs… because that’s what happens when you put conservative Christians in charge of your government.

The legislation currently sits in a Parliamentary committee. The director of Amnesty International Poland calls the bill “recklessly retrogressive.”

Filmmaker Zenon Kalafaticz, who’s been documenting religious lunacy in Poland for years now, just released a video of one of many protests against this bill. It gives you an idea of how citizens are pushing back against what appears to be a theocracy in spirit. (It’s primarily in Polish, but the English subtitles should help you make sense of what’s going on.)

The video features a “Queer Dance Party” taking place outside the “papal window” in Kraków, where Pope John Paul II used to speak to crowds… and one very lonely priest trying to shoo away the evil with his crime-fighting rosary. The protest occurred exactly 41 years after the Polish pope was elected.

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