KY Official: A Local Día de Muertos Event May Summon Dead People from the Grave October 26, 2019

KY Official: A Local Día de Muertos Event May Summon Dead People from the Grave

The city of Henderson, Kentucky will be home to a Day of the Dead celebration on November 2. The traditional Mexican holiday honors those who are no longer with us. The Facebook event page says the evening’s festivities will include a mariachi band, face painting, food trucks, and “traditional cultural activities.” Seems like a pleasant enough family event.

And yet one local official would like you to know this might be blasphemous .

City Commissioner Patti Bugg says there are other ways to educate the community.

“I’d say 99 percent of the day of the dead is probably innocent. I think that’s fine,” says Commissioner Bugg. “I think if you want to honor your loved ones. I think the only challenge is if they actually try to summons somebody else, you know, a loved one from the grave, then I think they’re asking for some serious stuff. As a Christian, I don’t think they can do that.

They can do that. They’re not going to do that, and they wouldn’t do that because that’s not how this works, but they could totally do that. Imagine the audacity of a city official who just has to chime in about how a local celebration would offend her religious sensibilities even though literally no one asked.

What does she even think would happen if they tried to summon the dead? They won’t come back. This isn’t some horror film.

The good (?) news is that no one cares about her delusions and the event is going on as planned.

(Screenshot via 14News. Thanks to Matt for the link)

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