Always Removes “Venus” Symbol from Pads Packaging, Leading to Absurd Backlash October 26, 2019

Always Removes “Venus” Symbol from Pads Packaging, Leading to Absurd Backlash

The company Always, which makes pads and tampons, recently announced that it would remove the Venus symbol from their packaging in an effort to be more inclusive to their trans and non-binary customers.

If you, like me, use Always products and have never noticed the Venus symbol before, you might work up enough energy to say “Cool” and go about your day. For people who aren’t trans or non-binary, this really isn’t that big a deal. Had the company not announced the change, it may very well have gone undetected.

But because they did, some people are losing their ever-loving minds over it.

… feminist campaigner and author Julie Bindel blasted the company’s move.

“Removing the female symbol from sanitary towel packaging is basically denying the existence of women,” Bindel told the Daily Mail.

“We’re now moving toward the total elimination of women’s biology. The women’s symbol has been used by feminists for decades. This is pure cowardice and virtue signaling from these big corporate brands who are capitulating to the trans agenda.”

The statement from the Procter & Gamble brand Always does not specifically say the change was made due to pressure from transgender activist groups.

Just checking… one moment… yep, women still exist. Who knew.

Bindel is one example. There are many, many more in comment threads about this story as well as on social media.

Being more inclusive in this manner is a burden on no one. It would be a wise move even if catering to trans customers had nothing to do with the decision. If women are exclusively defined by their reproductive organs, or their ability to menstruate, that leaves out a great deal of cisgender women who have had hysterectomies, are infertile, or are menopausal.

I’m not losing any sleep over the move — and neither should anyone else whose lives will remain unchanged by this business decision. Because that’s literally all it is: a business decision. No one’s biology is being “erased,” whatever that means or looks like.

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