Marco Rubio Defends Trump With Biblical Tweets, Gets Roasted On Twitter October 25, 2019

Marco Rubio Defends Trump With Biblical Tweets, Gets Roasted On Twitter

It’s a rare day when Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida doesn’t air his religious views on Twitter through Bible verses. Many of his tweets reflect in one way or another on the events of the day, like when he commented last month just before Hurricane Dorian hit his state just after destroying the lives of thousands of people in the Bahamas.  While the tweet itself wasn’t particularly offensive, it’s difficult to believe people in the path of devastation took much comfort in it.

But Wednesday, Rubio tweeted what was really a ham-fisted attempt at using religion as a weapon against Democrats while simultaneously defending Donald Trump during the impeachment inquiry.

That tweet suggests Republicans are the real victims of the Democrats, who are out to persecute Christians. Rubio was much more explicit yesterday:

For someone like Rubio, who’s been a Trump loyalist since the inauguration, at least based on his voting record, the idea that he only offers blind loyalty to Jesus is laughable. The entire conservative ecosystem is built on the notion that the Right, like Christians, are always under attack even when they have more power than anyone else.

Twitter users were quick to let Rubio know just how they felt about his Persecution complex.

That last response should really sting given that Rubio was raised as a Roman Catholic. When Catholics can claim the moral high ground over you on anything, you know you’ve screwed up.

The critics didn’t stop there, either.

Retired Democratic Governor Howard Dean of Vermont adeptly nailed Rubio with his own tweet:

Boston Globe columnist Michael Cohen succinctly noted how intractable Republicans are:

Forman is right. Republicans are allowing Trump to escape accountability for his repeated acts of cruelty: genocide, rampant and nearly unchecked racism, and outright hate.

Rather than allowing Democrats to do their jobs and conduct a thorough investigation into Trump’s actions, these Republicans are aiding and abetting him. Shameful.

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