Dave Daubenmire: We Must Make Homosexuality “Unthinkable Again” October 25, 2019

Dave Daubenmire: We Must Make Homosexuality “Unthinkable Again”

Christian Right activist Dave Daubenmire, who believes masturbation is gay because “you’re having sex with yourself,” went after Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on his “Pass the Salt Live” webcast this week, saying that America needs to make homosexuality “unthinkable again.”

Daubenmire repeatedly denigrated Buttigieg as “Mayor Pete Buttplug” and mocked him for being married, asserting that since Buttigieg has a husband, that must make him the wife.

“He doesn’t even take the leadership role in his home, because he has a husband [with] he being the wife,” Daubenmire said. “If he is the wife, does that mean that he is the insert-er or the insert-ee? Which role would Mayor Pete play?”

“We live in a society where we are giving serious consideration to a man who performs oral sex on another man,” he added. “We have to make this stuff unthinkable again. We have to … What he does in his own home is, in fact, his own business until he wants to be president of the United States. When he wants to be president of the United States, I want to do some scrutiny on what type of moral character this guy has. And I’m just telling you this: if this guy’s moral character involves doing what I believe he does have to do in order to have an orgasm, I got a problem with it.”

No one thinks more about what gay people do in the bedroom than conservatives who claim to oppose it. And if your sex life is personal unless you’re president, then Daubenmire should have plenty to say about the man in office who had multiple affairs and bragged about sexually assaulting women. (Spoiler: He doesn’t.)

Instead of criticizing Donald Trump, however, Daubenmire is busy condemning “Mayor Buttplug.” Because he has all the cleverness of a grade school class clown. His insult routine also reveals his misogyny. In a same-sex relationship, there are no prescribed stereotypes about who the provider is, or who might stay home with the kids. For Daubenmire, in order for a relationship to “work,” one partner needs to be the weaker vessel. He can’t comprehend a relationship where both partners stand on equal ground.

And yet he’s being rewarded for his behavior by the Ohio GOP. Just last week, he was the keynote speaker at a fundraising event for the Harrison County Republican Party. When you vote for or give money to the GOP, this is what you’re supporting: the sort of guy who thinks ugly women become lesbians because they can’t attract men.

It’s another reason we post about people like him. They’re not fringe figures. They’re the Republican Party’s id and you can’t counter their hate if you don’t hear it for yourself.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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