Christian TV Host: Rep. Adam Schiff is a “High-Ranking Satanist” Like Obama October 25, 2019

Christian TV Host: Rep. Adam Schiff is a “High-Ranking Satanist” Like Obama

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California has long been a favorite target for right-wing Christian conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald. On Tuesday, on his program The MC Files, he returned to that familiar ground.

Once again, he claimed (with no evidence) that Schiff is a Satanic pedophile who practices human sacrifice.

This is the same McDonald who recently claimed God killed Rep. Elijah Cummings for pursuing the impeachment hearings against Donald Trump, which is to say McDonald’s imagination is really working his tired brain cell.

This time on his program, he was interviewing guest Ricci Wilson of World For Jesus Ministries and he couldn’t resist asking if she’d heard anything about Schiff allegedly being involved in pedophilia and human trafficking. Her answer was no less absurd than his question. She responded that “there are some deep, dark secrets in his closet.”

“I believe that’s why he’s come against the president as much as he has,” Wilson said. “Many of the loudmouths against our president are heavily involved, either actively involved themselves, hands on, or they are receiving a tremendous monetary gain from human trafficking.”

There’s no credible evidence (or, hell, even flimsy evidence) for any of that. Naturally, that doesn’t matter to them. Her answer further encouraged McDonald, who responded that he didn’t doubt rumors about Schiff being a “high-ranking Satanist,” which could explain why he sensed demonic power whenever Schiff spoke.

“My spirit man goes off like an alarm,” he continued. “There is a demonic anointing on people like that.”

“Demonic power is gained through sacrifice,” Wilson agreed. “Human sacrifice.”

If you’re debating whether or not to vote in 2020, remember that these people have more political power than you do.

They ignore, defend, and make excuses for Trump’s constant lies, impeachable offenses, racism, and misogyny. But if President Obama did even a fraction of any of that, they’d lose their minds. As the saying goes, it’s a good thing they have double standards or else they’d have no standards at all.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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