Christian Moms Group Slams Period-Proof Underwear Ad: “Men Do Not Menstruate” October 24, 2019

Christian Moms Group Slams Period-Proof Underwear Ad: “Men Do Not Menstruate”

The evangelical Christian group One Million Moms (Twitter count: 3757) is furious that a commercial for period-proof underwear features men having periods.

Have you ever heard people say that if men could get pregnant, they wouldn’t dare regulate access to abortion? That premise applies in this commercial for Thinx. The idea is that if men had periods, it would make the subject a lot easier to discuss. The ad shows various boys dealing with the situation, from talking to a dad, to telling his girlfriend he’s on his period while they make out, to asking another guy if he can borrow a tampon.

It has nothing to do with being transgender. It’s just a clever way to think about a subject.

The Mom(s) can’t deal with it:

Society does not need Thinx to normalize periods between genders by airing a commercial with such crudeness and sensationalism.

It’s bizarre and confusing, and its damaging to young people who are already navigating the uncertainties of puberty amidst the constant push of liberal agendas.

This commercial is insane. Women and men are different. Men do not menstruate … ever. Period.

Dear god, the commercial wasn’t suggesting anything other than “Dealing with periods would be a lot easier if men had them too.” The Moms aren’t angry about gender confusion. They’re angry about a thought experiment since it forces them to make use of their shared brain cell.

They’re asking people to sign a petition urging Thinx to end the ad campaign. But if this campaign is anything like all their others, it won’t go anywhere.

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