Trump’s Faith Adviser: You Are “Mandated by God” to Give Money to Jim Bakker October 18, 2019

Trump’s Faith Adviser: You Are “Mandated by God” to Give Money to Jim Bakker

It’s bad enough that televangelist Jim Bakker sells Giant Buckets of Food for the Apocalypse that will never come. Now he’s enlisting Trump’s “spiritual adviser” Paula White to help him collect the money of gullible believers.

During Bakker’s show yesterday, White told viewers they had to donate thousands of dollars so Bakker could build a new studio. She added that there was a “Treasury Department” in Heaven paying close attention to how viewers spent their money.

Right now, someone is about to send you that million dollar check in the name of Jesus. You just simply need to be obedient.

Whether it’s $100,000, whether it’s $10,000, it’s gonna be wonderful that you have your plaque. This is beautiful. I was blown away because I was, like, “He’s gonna think I’ve stole some of my stuff from him!” Because God’s been downloading several things that are so similar — seriously! And you have got to, right now, become one of those pillars, become one those people, whether it’s the $10,000 or the $1,000.

And with all due respect, as great as that name is gonna be left there, there is a greater name that’s going to be written. Every treasure you give here on Earth is being stored up in Heaven. There is a Department of Treasury in Heaven. Now I know [Steve] Mnuchin’s over it down here, but I’m telling you there’s a Department of Treasury in Heaven that God is watching over. Everything you do — and you are storing up eternal treasure that will go so far beyond, I think, that we can even begin to imagine, that you are mandated by God.

I feel a mandate. I know I was supposed come share my book, but I feel a mandate to help you build this.

Dear god, everyone connected to this administration is involved in some kind of grift, aren’t they…? The idea that viewers might be compelled to give six-figure amounts to Bakker, in the name of God, all so Bakker can build a bigger studio from which to broadcast his faith-based fearmongering, is just sickening. A better person would never say these things. Then again, a better person wouldn’t be working with this administration.

Also, how awful must Heaven be if it has a Treasury? (Does that mean people are still in debt up there?)

The only upside to people sending Bakker their money is that it means they won’t be sending it to Trump. I’d much rather they buy apocalyptic garbage than give Trump’s campaign the cash it needs to buy more Facebook ads.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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