Trump Adds Author of Illuminati Books to “Presidential Scholars” Post October 18, 2019

Trump Adds Author of Illuminati Books to “Presidential Scholars” Post

Donald Trump recently announced that he had appointed the author of several Illuminati-based “self-help” books to a presidential commission for “scholars,” proving once again that the president doesn’t pick the “very best people”… or have a firm grasp of what it means to be a scholar.

On the left, a photo of Mentz from his own website. On the right, a photo of his book cover.

Among those picked for the Commission on Presidential Scholars was George Mentz of Colorado Springs, who has written books with titles like, The Illuminati Secret Laws of Money — The Wealth Mindset Manifesto: The Life Changing Magic and Habits of Spiritual Mastery.

Yes, that’s the complete title. They only get worse.

He has another book with the not-so-brief name Success Magic — The Prosperity Secret to Win with Magical Spiritual Power: How to Grow Rich, Influence People, Protect Your Mindset and Love Yourself Like a Warrior Using Timeless Abundance Secrets.”

That is how you become a scholar, everyone.

Mentz undoubtedly stands out on the commission, which includes the 2019 National Teacher of the Year and is responsible for choosing the most distinguished high school seniors every year. Interestingly, despite the obvious Illuminati and “magic” themes throughout his books, he appears to be distancing himself from that shtick.

“If you conceive of your desire, you can then imagine that your goal will take place with belief, and then you will be able (to) retrieve the opportunity from the world’s storehouse of riches,” he wrote in a 2013 book, “Abundance Bible & the Secret Powers of Manifesting Wealth Health and Peace of Mind.”

“When a person stops struggling and initiates ALCHEMY OR MAGIC, SOMETHING HAPPENS,” Mentz wrote in another 2013 book

“Just because I use the word Illuminati, don’t let that get you too excited,” Mentz said with a laugh during an interview. “If you look the word up, it means ‘illumination.’ How to be more aware, conscious, a better person.” References to the “Illuminati” are part of the books’ marketing, he said.

Just to be clear, there is no “marketing” involved in these books. The titles and covers alone scream “unreadable self-published nonsense.” If you’re getting it free on Kindle, you’ve already paid too much.

So how did Mentz get on the committee? Who knows. But the fact that he’s been a fan of Trump for decades certainly didn’t hurt.

In 2015, Mentz wrote a blog post predicting Trump would win the 2016 election. The next year, he became a member of the Trump campaign’s economic coalition. On his website, Mentz says an unnamed publisher has bought the rights to a “blockbuster book” about Trump’s “success principles.” In an interview, Mentz said he did the research and expects the book will be written by someone else next year.

Mentz said his support of Trump dates back three decades, to when he met Trump at the Superdome in New Orleans, where Mentz is from. Trump was kind and gracious with his time, Mentz said, and he has been a fan ever since. He has donated thousands of dollars to Trump’s campaign and political action committee.

This isn’t just a case of Trump rewarding a supporter with a post that doesn’t require any other approvals or confirmations. It’s yet another example of someone in his orbit with a questionable past. Just a few years ago, Mentz was accused of providing educational certificates to people who never took any classes.

Mentz owns the Global Academy of Finance and Management, which is registered in Colorado Springs. He was previously the CEO of a similar Colorado Springs company, the American Academy of Financial Management.

Both companies award certifications, allowing applicants to add an alphabet soup of titles after their names. For a fee, you can become an accredited life coach, a certified political scientist, a master Islamic financial specialist or more than a hundred other titles. Having such a certification “makes you one of the next generation of global leaders,” according to a message from Mentz on the GAFM website.

A Wall Street Journal article in 2004 found AAFM awarded certifications to applicants who had never taken a course and, in some cases, had not taken a test to prove they knew the topic at hand. In 2010, another Wall Street Journal article found several people listed on AAFM’s board of advisers had never advised the company and were unaware the company was claiming them as an adviser.

No wonder the namesake of Trump University loves this guy.

Considering the turnover in this administration, there’s no telling how long this appointment will last. Maybe Mentz will use his magic and secret Illuminati powers to stay longer than everyone else.

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